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Akshara Systems approach features innovative coding and marking equipment, exceptional customer support and an assortment of high performance ink, ribbons and other print part and accessories.

Akshara systems enable customers to print variable data, including text and/or graphics, on a wide assortment of packaging materials and label substrates.

Beverage Industry

India offers the greatest potential for the beverage industry & in this industry there are many rules and regulations in order to make sure the highest quality products are being delivered at customer end.

To keep these track manufactured dates ,lot codes need to be present on the bottles. There are different kind of packaging for beverages such as aluminum cans, Pet bottles & pouches. And for coding and marking on different packaging needs different requirements.

Akshara Systems offers variety of product that works well with beverage industry in order to reduce coding error . We serve the right solution that helps to keep the beverage filling line running smoothly and efficiently.


  • Aluminum Cans.
  • Pet Bottles.
  • Glass Bottles.
  • Spout & Shaped Pouches.

Electronics Industry

Electrical industry is one of the most flourishing and diversified.

With range of component such as integrated circuits, Semi conductor, microprocessor, clamps, bolt, Wire & cables etc.Due to the small space on this components the printing codes get complex, where readability is adverse & the print space is restricted.

We have the mirco character printers which are ideal for micro print applications. It is suitable for markings on small components. These model has enhanced micro printing capabilities which achieve high-resolution quality printing in high speed without comprising line productivity.

Food Industry

The food processing industry is one of the largest industries in India. The country’s food processing industry ranks fifth in terms of production, consumption and exports. As the consumption of confectionery and bakery products continues to rise, so do the expectations of consumers. Not only do they want a good taste, but they are also becoming choosier as far as the Product identification is concerned.

The major factor manufacturer concerns is Cost of ownership for coding and marking equipment ,servicing and hygiene requirements for applying codes onto primary food packaging, with the rating of (IP55 or IP65) in wash down environments. If you sell any packaged food you need to code it. But the issue arise is messy ink, bulky machinery, lots of downtime and costly maintenance And for this we give you the complete & reliable solution for small character printing.

Our industrial printers are high speed printers & can print on vary production lines, metals, paper, plastics etc. Its speed, flexibility, reliability & durability make it apart from other printers in market. Our machines are capable of printing on surfaces as hard as plastic bottles and as fragile as egg shells No pushy sale rep – you code what you just need.


  • Food Pouches.
  • Food Containers.
  • Packaging Tray.
  • Food Wrappers.
  • Food Packaging Films.
  • Food Tin & Cans.
  • Food Jar.

Packaging Industry

The growth of the packaging industry in India can be seen mostly in the second-tier cities where packaging plays an important role in the launch of new products.

Big companies have also become quiet aggressive in this form of advertisement. And that’s why it’s very essential to Make sure you have the right coding and marking systems for your packaging application .As it has significant impact on your bottom line. From serial numbers to barcodes, and any other data coding requirements, Premium coding provides solutions that give you consistent printing.

Quality Barcodes with crisp print, Flexible marking on several different materials with high speed printing.


  • Tray Packaging.
  • Corrugated Cardboard.
  • Cardboard Boxes.
  • Dispatch Boxes.
  • Fiber Drums.
  • Fiberboard Sheet Printing.

Pharma Industry

The pharmaceutical industry requires the highest quality coding and marking where legibility and contrast are of the utmost importance Poor code readability has the potential to affect brand image.

In the pharmaceutical industry, prescription drugs continue to increase, resulting in a higher need for traceability & for instance, the introduction of serialization requires the marking of unique non-predictive serial numbers on each pharmaceutical packaging makes it essential to select the right ink that will adhere to a specific substrate. There is always an increasing amount of information on their products for tracking purposes.

Our Marking & Coding solutions support end user’s track and traceability requirements via date code, expiration, and barcode serialization on any product-packaging surface.
We offers marking solutions from the fields of technology Ink jet and laser. These systems form the basis of reliable track and trace functions and can be easily integrated into existing production infrastructure.


  • Strips.
  • Mono Cartons.
  • Duplex Packaging Box.

Wire & Cable Industry

Akshara systems understands marking and coding needs in the wire, cable and flexible tubing industries. Even in high speed, demanding production environments, product scrapping must be kept to a minimum which means accuracy and high-contrast marks are key.

Akshara systems Solutions can keep your production on pace while keeping in mind application and adhesion of marks onto a variety of substrates.

Coding requirements shouldn’t detract from the quality of your product. We at akshara systems assist you in your search for coding technology that provides flexibility to adjust messages without unnecessary downtime and produces legible marks even on dark & non-porous surfaces.

Our High Speeds machine are perfect for wire & cable marking it achieve high contrast printing at speed.

Variable Printing Of Real Time-Data

Akshara systems combination of products and services will maximize print quality while enhancing your production efficiencies and reducing your operational costs.

Akshara systems equipment enables customers to:

  • Reduce Inventory Of Pre-Printed Packaging Materials
  • Variable Printing Of Real-Time Data
    • UPC codes
    • RSS bar codes
    • Lot codes
    • Production codes
    • Expiration dates
    • Sell-by dates improves product identification
    • Security and Tracking

Easy Integration On Variety Packaging Equipment

Akshara systems designs its systems to easily integrate with a wide variety of host packaging equipment such as vertical-form-fill-seal and horizontal-form-fill-seal systems, primary labelers, thermoformers, baggers, in-line wrappers, overwrapping machines and more.

Environmentally Sustainable

Eco friendly ink & make-up fluid cartridge while realizing a low running cost.

Customer Service Oriented

From trouble shooting to finding the right product, we work directly with all of our customers to provide all the support they need.


We work exclusively with premium brands and manufacturers to ensure quality products, quality prints, and satisfied customers.