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What are our areas of Expertise?

Our areas of expertise are complete marking & coding solution with customize automation as per vary industrial need.

Which types of Coding & Marking Equipments available?

Thermal Inkjet Printer, Continuous Inkjet Printer, Contact Coding System , Laser Marking Machines, Large Character Printer (DOD), Thermal Transfer Over printer (TTO), Conveyors, Moving Head, Traversing Head an complete inline solutions.

Do we supply Inks and Make-Up for a variety of Inkjet Coders?

We stock the most comprehensive assortment of inks, cartridge, paints, solvents and cleaning for virtual coding, marking, and different applications.

Over 400 standard & special inks ,make up, cartridges available for product line .

Can I print MRP, Batch Number, Dates, Logo, Barcode, Texts & Graphics?

Yes you can print variable data through Akshara Systems on any primary, secondary & tertiary packaging application with customize solution for almost every substrate.

What are typical delivery terms?

Most items are shipped on a 7 to 10 day basis; however overnight service is available on all standard machines, auxiliary equipment, as well as operating supplies.

Overnight service is an additional charge and subject to inventory at the time of order placement.

What is Batch Coding Machine?

Batch code is also known as a lot number, lot code, or code number, a product batch code is a combination of numbers and/or letters that are used to identify a set of identical mass-produced products. These can include Batch number of productions, Manufacturing date, Expiry date, Bar code, QR Code, variable messages on the product. Batch coding machine is used to print this information on the product.

The very basic purpose of the batch code is to tracing the product to a specific batch. If a consumer, retailer, or manufacturer identifies a problem with a product, the batch code allows the product to be traced back to a specific batch. Products with the same batch code can then be recalled or withdrawn from the supply chain.

Tell me more about what Akshara Systems.

We would like to Introduce “AKSHARA SYSTEMS, Pune” is an Authorized distributor of Hitachi Industrial Inkjet printer. Our products are high in demand due to their premium quality, seamless finish, different patterns, and affordable prices. Furthermore, we ensure to timely deliver these products to our clients, through this we have gained a huge clients base in the market.Our Machines are used to print various information like Batch No, Mfg. Date, Exp. Date, Bar Code, Seq. No, Company Logo etc directly on any products like Pouches, Labels, cartons, packet, cables, pipes, Glass, containers etc. We are having a PAN India presence with our area offices.

Established in 2018, we are having a wide range of products for printing requirements. In our portfolio we are having below machines:

  1.   Continuous Inkjet printer (CIJ Printer)
  2.   Thermal Inkjet Printer (TIJ Printer)
  3.   Handheld Inkjet Printer (Portable inkjet printer)

What is Continuous Inkjet Printer?

Continuous Inkjet printer: This printer is also known as Industrial Inkjet Printer, Batch coding machine, Automatic batch coding machine, MRP Printing machine, Expiry date printing machine etc.

CIJ is a short form of continuous inkjet. In a CIJ printer, ink is pumped from an ink reservoir and ejected through a nozzle that creates a jet of ink.

The jet of ink is then broken up into a large number of ink droplets through high frequency vibration. Once the droplets are formed select droplets are charged by electrodes. The stream of droplets then passes through deflector plates which create an electrostatic field.

The charged drops are deflected as they move through the deflector plates, to be ejected from the print head and placed on the product to form the required message. Uncharged drops are not deflected and return into the CIJ ink system.

Through this printing process the solvent base of the ink will evaporate, changing the ink’s viscosity. To ensure the optimum drop formulation the viscosity must be tightly controlled to a defined value. Ink, Make-up and cleaner is the consumable used in printing services.

What all Types of Machine does HITACHI offer?

HITACHI, which manufactured the first Japanese Industrial inkjet printer in 1975, Has boasted of a high achievement worldwide ever since, not to mention the Japanese market, as a reliable and leading brand of coding. After production, all Hitachi Inkjet printers must pass Hitachi’s strict quality management before shipment. Different products offered in the Continuous Inkjet printer are mentioned below.

  1.   Twin nozzle.
  2.   High speed printer.
  3.   Larger small character size printer.
  4.   Micro character.
  5.   Pigment based printer.
  6.   Standard model-Up to 6 lines printing.
  7.   Basic model up to 4 Lines printing.

What is Thermal Inkjet Printer?

Thermal Inkjet printers are usually referred to as TIJ. TIJ printers utilize inks from disposable cartridges without the use of electrical charges. Instead, the ink within the machine is heated with resistors until a vapor bubble forms,

an effect that pushes the liquid towards the nozzle and ejects a print drop. Compared to how CIJ printers use a pressurized flow to place codes using a continuous stream, the dispersion method of TIJ machines expels the ink one drop at a time. Cartridge-based technology makes the Control Print TIJ virtually maintenance and failure-free. Cartridges typically contain most of the parts prone to failure, including the print head and ink system.

Thermal Inkjet printer is best suitable for plain surfaces specially on carton boxes. For this reason TIJ printers are also termed as carton box printers.

In the Thermal Inkjet portfolio we have 4 types of products.

  1.   Mark 1- Thermal Inkjet printer-12.5 mm.
  2.   Mark 1- Thermal Inkjet printer-25 mm.
  3.   HITACHI-4400 Thermal Inkjet printer.
  4.   HITACHI Thermal Inkjet printer HTJ-1100.

Where can I use Handheld Inkjet Printer?

To serve budget friendly customer segments or start up type customer segments we are having portable handheld printers also. Handheld printer is also termed as Portable inkjet printer, Hand coder, Expiry date printing machine, Marking and coding machine etc.

Any Query?

For any queries contact us, an Akshara systems representative will follow up with you shortly. Thank you for your interest.

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